Diesel generators are one of the most important pillars in world-wide energy supply. However, diesel is becoming continuously more expensive and is polluting the environment. The combination with A PV system therefore makes economic and ecologic sense.

Together with powerful partners, RALOS new energy offers efficient hybrid systems which make a combined energy supply out of PV and diesel possible – both for new or existing systems.

An essential part of such systems is the intelligent control unit: This keeps the diesel generator in optimum operational condition and makes as much solar energy as possible available.

The advantages of a PV Diesel Hybrid system are:

  • Cost savings, thanks to reduced diesel consumption
  • A substantial reduction in harmful emissions
  • Increased system capacity during daylight phases
  • Evening out the load profile (avoiding spontaneous load peaks) minimises the wear and tear of the diesel generator
  • Reduction of price hike- and supply- risks thanks to maximum planning reliability.

Schema Hybrid Systeme