Hybrid Systems


Individual Hybrid System Image

Even a simple PV diesel hybrid system lowers energy costs and environmental impacts considerably.  Does that mean that all of the potential has been unfolded?

Under no circumstances. Equipped with storage units, the PV part of the energy generation can be further increased: Stored solar power evens out fluctuations in solar irradiation during the day and is ready for use after sundown. In that way, the dependency on diesel can be cut back additionally. An intelligent energy managment system ensures that the diesel generator can even be switched off for lengthy periods, thus conserving the appliance. A battery- or off-grid inveter is needed for such storage extensions, as well as, the batteries themselves.

This operates as the grid-defining unit of the system; a function which it assumes from the diesel generator, thus relieving it even more.

Examples of such hybrid storage systems span many more applications than just energy supply in off-grid regions. As a general principle, all energy-intensive enterprises can profit from them,  from hotels to refrigeration centres and data centres, right up to manufacturing plants.

It is also normally possible to make additional, incremental extensions to the PV and storage capacities at any time. RALOS new energy will gladly accompany you when further developing your PV diesel hybrid system. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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